It’s only for awhile. We still have forever ahead of us.

Reminds me of yesterday, well two days ago actually, when Babe & I went on the ferris wheel at Del Mar. :3

Call me crazy, but all I want is you to myself.

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Babe, lets…


  • Watch movies till we fall asleep
  • cook together 
  • make cheesy relationship videos to make others jealous
  • give each other piggy back rides 
  • play at the playground 
  • prank call people
  • introduce each others families
  • Embarrass each other in public  
  • Talk on the phone till we don’t know what we’re saying
  • treat each other like its our last day on Earth

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julieeenguyeen asked:
Just wanted to say you and your girlfriend look really cute together! :)

aw thank you! we haven’t gone to that boyfriend/girlfriend situation yet, but we will… soon. (:

eber eber eber.

Del Mar w/ @lykacebu on the 21st :D


W/ ma bubbbzzz @ Apple’s party! :D <3

Currently at babe&#8217;s house, eating some ramen. mmm~